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Have recently got an Epiphany Acoustics O2 amp, some improvement but looking to upgrade from my Goldring DR150s next as these are apparently low resistance and easy to drive.

EHP O2 (one without DAC) arrived this week. Connected ipod Touch to it's 3.5mm input with the standard supplied 3.5-3.5mm lead and my Goldring DR150 phones to the amps output.

So basically I can't do it! Using Mac with Safari. Photos in Flickr, copied url (P437244342etc.jpg). Clicked tree icon and copied into little box, put a title and clicked insert.

Hi, so had my system (see sig) for a few months, am almost entirely happy with it. I'm limited in speaker position though until room is reconfigured.

Will soon be looking to improve from my Marantz PM66 as I've read that, unlike most MA stuff, rx1 can be a bit too laid back and need a more energetic amp.

Firstly unreserved apologies for rubbish title! Having read in WHF mag that my Monitor Audio RX1s will benefit from 2 sets of wires each (also recommended by MA themselves), I've given it a try.

Never really check new releases page on Spotify as generally pop rubbish, some reason had a look earlier to find Led Zeppelin IV famous cover staring at me. Can't believe they've been signed up.

Going for £64.99 on amazon. Quite unusual to see any discount on Apple gear. 

Hello all, been unable to find anything on here re my problem, so here goes.. Am using new iPod touch and Spotify premium through the front USB input on my Marantz cd6004.