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Whereabouts are you? I recently purchased a 2nd hand Kuro from a Pioneer repair centre in Harpenden, Herts. The amount of spare parts they stock included glass for screens as I saw this with my own...

Throwing a curveball here. I know you have said VW Golf but have a look at the BMW Alpina D3. You may be pleasantly surprised.

I'm asuming the Tv is under warrenty. Buy the Samsung cable as a spare because if the tv breaks down you can put the genuine Samsung cable back and not break any warranty T&C. As for the Merlin...

Very good.The pffenig did start to drop about half way through.

relocated wrote: ...

gel, are you sure? £229. Point me in the right direction please     Just thought: thats for the Pioneer not the Cambridge.

Another +1 for miele. After going through 3  washing machines in 11 years we bought a miele. It was expensive in relation to other machines available but 8 years on it has never missed a beat.