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Its regarding the 'audio out' sockets, what exactly are they for?,  I assume to connect an external amp, but what about the pre amp stage, does this out put  need to go direct into an external powe

Using the premium service at the moment which I did mainly listen to via the PC, however, now I am using the marantz MCR610, i notice there is a tick box under preferences menu which I had to selec

Mine was the NAD C352, a highly respected amp, but it wasnt for me

I have a Ca azur 651p on a 14 exchange from richersounds, getting a better soundstage now through this compared to the built in one on my amp so i will probably keep it  , but it was switched on wh

The reason  being  last week I purchased a CA551p , I wasnt exactly blown away at first,  the sound was not that dissimliar to the built in phono on my amp, but after a week its sounding quite deli

my very first floorstanders, sold them many years ago BIG mistake, spotted some in local buy and sell,  thats it , had to get them 

Originally posted in the dac forum, but this a a 'pc' issue rather than the dac itself, basically the internal soundcard is not being bypassed when I plug the dac into the usb, the setting on the i

just recenty started dipping my toes into vinyl again, but didnt want to spend much ,just in case my curioisty over the format wears thin, so

Never tried it myself but some one told me it works,  seems a bit harsh to me

i think the reason why this is, for some reason the light on my dac is saying 48 for sample rate, I am sure its normally at 44.1  , so now there is no sound, Its decided to change on it own as I ha