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Whitepaper available to download from website


Looking at the prices here:-

for the front 3 that I would be interested in would be £2357. 

Is it a viable option to use my current Denon AVCA11XVA as a power amp with the Onkyo 5509?

Can't afford to buy a power amp at the same time.

Good idea?

How do the blacks compare to the KRP Kuros? Smile

Right fellas I see these have now been released, anyone heard them in action yet?

Much difference from the old S150s?

Does any 50" screen beat for pure picture quality?


Ta Smile

Has anyone compared the 2? Which is the better subwoofer?


Afternoon all

Im currently looking at plans for a new house build, but am not sure what size room I would need for the M&K setup that I want.

Aren't Panasonic supposed to have the Kuro technology now?

Has anyone here upgraded from 750s to 950s?

Would like to hear their thoughts on the upgrade?