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On trying to update my signature I noticed that I have a vast list of components. Ranging from apple tv2 to buffalo Linkstation live etc. 

Hi. My iPad Air has developed a crack in the corner running from outside edge to outside edge of the white frame. Used it last night folded case over and....cracked this am!!

Hi there. Went to airplay Luther from iPad onto Apple TV last night and the screen displayed a white USB with the iTunes icon above it. 

Just in case u forgot....

not heard any of elbows new material



If I buy a new unopened set of p7s from eBay seller. Will I have any warranty with b&w??  Got my eye on a set!!


Wanting to get some sort of Devicein the bedroom so that I can play music or video on the TV/all in one. 

Gel. I was having a look around on the forums about blu ray audio and saw you are a user of the format. 


Was going to dip into a couple of discs to try it out. 


:help: :roll: Had my macbook "cleaned up" by a local service centre some time ago.  My iTunes are in a real mess.  Looks like i am going to have to rip all my cds again...

Having run mcacc on my amp. I noticed that my fronts are set at-4.5dB. If I bring these up to 0 and set all the levels using this adjustment as a reference.


I have the system below. All great.

Getting fed up with explaining the 3 remotes needed to power up, control volume and control volume to guests.