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Hi, I'm planning on getting an airplay speaker system & after some research & listening decided on the zeppelin air.

Hi, anyone any recommendations for a smart 32" tv for the bedroom. I'd prefer to have a freeviewHD tuner & looking at budget around £350, but would go higher if it was something special.

I apologise if this has been done previously, but after watching Pacific Rim that turned out to be a visual delight on my f8500, I am inviting people to recommend further blu-rays that make the mos

Hi, I'm planning on adding some Bluetooth headphones to my collection mainly for when I'm DIYing etc. so no cables are in the way. I'm happy to pay up to £400.

Hi Guys, I've had sky hd since they started offering this service, subsequently I have the old 160gb box, when I say have, I mean I've had tons of them as each box rarely lasts 12 months without fa

Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to give me an idea of a fault that has developed with AV8.

Hi, I know there are other posts relating to the oppo 105, but I was hoping that someone may be able to give comparison with the Denon 3800BD.i am thinking of purchasing a new Blu-ray to obtain a m

Hi, decided to treat myself for upcoming birthday & buy new set of cans, but wondered if someone could give some advice on what to buy either shure srh1840 or audio technica w1000x?

Hi, has anyone experimented with LOD wires from an ipod to portable headphone amp?