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My Leema had to go for a repair after 5 years of excellent service. It's back now.

Tom from Polaraudio came round with some earphones today, including the 5 star DTX102iE, the version with a mic MMX102iE and the DJ headphone with a mic the T51i.

My 7 year old has decided that he wants an X-Box (I suspect to play Minecraft). Just having a look on fleabay and I'm a bit lost...

Anyone else like the cycling?


I've become a huge fan over the last few years, watch as much as I can which is pretty much every day.


I treated myself to a pair of these this week...

...and love them!


RIP Sir. A true legend.


Denzil That's Derek Trotter in there, not bloody Einstein!

Have a great Christmas and see you all soon.


Did my first visit to Poundland today, what a place! It's chaos.



Legend. RIP good man,


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Hi all,


Wondering whether someone can help.


Decided to give these a good test drive this evening, albeit on the way to the pub...and back again.