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Tom from Polaraudio came round with some earphones today, including the 5 star DTX102iE, the version with a mic MMX102iE and the DJ headphone with a mic the T51i.

My 7 year old has decided that he wants an X-Box (I suspect to play Minecraft). Just having a look on fleabay and I'm a bit lost...

Anyone else like the cycling?


I've become a huge fan over the last few years, watch as much as I can which is pretty much every day.


I treated myself to a pair of these this week...

...and love them!


RIP Sir. A true legend.


Denzil That's Derek Trotter in there, not bloody Einstein!

Have a great Christmas and see you all soon.


Did my first visit to Poundland today, what a place! It's chaos.



Legend. RIP good man,


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Hi all,


Wondering whether someone can help.


Decided to give these a good test drive this evening, albeit on the way to the pub...and back again.


Whilst I'm not an avid Rugby League watcher I'm enjoying the WC so far, especially given that England have qualified, and even more so as the Cook Islands (pop 19,569* Wiki) have just beaten Wales.