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Johnny Winter, blues guitarist died last Wednesday, aged 70; in Zurich while undertaking a European tour.




I’m getting a broadband upgrade from Virgin in a week or so. Changing from virgin broadband over a BT line to Virgin Cable.

With Microsoft bringing out it's new Surface tablet and new OS I wonder whether it will soon be possible to have a windows PC unit "fully operated & controled" from the Surface tablet without h

Not sure if this has slipped through without others noticing; but I just caught episode 2 of Making Tracks on Radio 4.

I have several album covers where the original glue seal to the seams have failed.  Apart from avoiding the very smelly petroleum or spirit based glues for fear of it affecting the vinyl (and makin

The new Primare I32 amp (due out for Christmas) will have only two knobs, the current I30 has 3, & the CD32 has only half the number of buttons of the CD31 too.

I am shortly going to be wiring up this cable to five nice new shiny B&W M1 speakers.