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So last month we had the first in a new series about operating systems (Page 148). No prizes for guessing, but it was basically a half page advert for Apple.

£15 1st month, £7.50 for the next 4 months, then you cancel. Works out at £9 month average for 5 months for unlimited calls, unlimited text and 3GB data per month. Unbeatable at a guess.

OK, so we all know that Aussies are descended from criminals, but it's nice to see that they have moved with the times.

Will Apple be fined for this security breach?


From Stuff, another Lord Heseltine magazine.


Category: Winner as follows:

Design And Build; Apple

Screen: Samsung

Camers: Samsung

PlanetRock has been bought by the Bauer Media group to add  to it's portfolio, which also includes Kerrang, Mojo and Q Radio. But will they bring back Rob Birnie??????


Another day, another High Street name disappears. A total of 528 stores and 4,190 staff. I wonder who it'll be tomorrow. Before long there will only be hi-fi shops left!!!

OK, I may not have been good this year, but at least I was better than last year! So Santa has brough me a UnitiLite for Christmas.

Did I win?????


The competition closed ages ago (last Sunday) and we are all still on the edge of our seats waiting.