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Hi folks,

Has anybody had the opportunity to listen to the latest Beresford BUshmaster DAC?



Hi all

My current set-up is Roksan Kandy MK111, Beresford Caiman gator and Quad 22L2.

Am think of swapping Roksan for Rega Brio R amp.


I currently use Airport Express from Mac to send Apple lossless files to Roksan Kandy amp. 

Hi Folks,

I currently have an Arcam Solo Movie 5.1 (carried over from full surround system) paired with Quad 22L2.

Does anybody here know if I can use the rear L&R channels to Bi-Amp with the fronts?

Hi all

Does anyone have any opinions/views on matching an Arcam Solo Movie (5.1) in stereo mode with Quad 22L2 speakers?

Hi guys

Can anyone share any views/opinions/impressions of Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite amp???

Speaker pairings?

Would be really appreciated!

Further to my last post, I'm seeking opinions and advice for speaker pairings with Marantz PM-KI pearl Lite amp which I'm waiting to receive.

Hi all

I have just purchased a new Marantz PM-KI Pearl Lite, upgrading from a faithful PM 6010 KI amp.

I am interested in Quad's 22L2 floorstanders. Room size is 5m x 4m.