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I bought a nice clean vinyl version of this today and it sounds great. I am a little confused though as one disc has sides 1 and 4 and the other has sides 2 and 3.

I currently use my old beloved Rotel 931 amp. Is there anything to be gained in changing this for the Marantz 5004 or 6004 or any other amp in the £350 and below price range?

Lance Armstrong

I was listening to my ipod on the train coming home the other night when I became aware of additional sounds in the music.

I was in Newcastle earlier this week and there was a guy on the metro listening to music.

I did not receive my magazine this month (usually no problems). I contacted Haymarket at the beginning of the week and I still have not received a replacement. Just need to have a moan about it!

Wanted to buy a shuffle for when I am training, so visited the store. The staff were more interested in talking to each other than serving me.

When I make a post or reply to post I do not have access to the smiley icons. They appear on screen for a few seconds then disappear. Everything else works fine.

Anyone going to the Scottish Golf Show this weekend at the SECC? Pity there isn't a HiFi show in one of the other halls.....what a day out that would be.