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This could be this forum's most tedious (or shortest) thread, but I'd just like to say that here I am, with the sun blasting through the window in flaming June (remember the film 'Hot Enough For Ju

Just acquired one of these. Superb sound on the inputs I've been able to use. Better than Pioneer N50 and more flexible and a lot cheaper than Naim.

   :quest: :quest: :quest:

What I said.  :rockout:

That's it really. Could one use Cocktail in one room and stream from it (rather than to it) to another (better) unit elsewhere?

Anyone know some good powered speakers with DAC, or similarly box-lite solution to instantly improved PC-room sound? I guess powered speakers need some sort of preamp too?


I read the comprehensive review of the MF M6 DAC and was struck again by the punchline (go & listen to the Naim DAC).

The WHF review of the Cyrus 6a says that the capacitors are improved over the previous model and that this improves the sound.

I noticed this the other day while idling through cyberspace: - wondered whether we were likely to see it in the UK any time soon?