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Has anyone ever used one?

Wondering if I can use it in conjunction with something on my computer to check channel balance, bias etc





Anyone who listens to music via Spotify or iTunes may know what scrobbling is, keeping track of what you're listening to via last.fm etc

Today I finally got around to modding the record clamp I bought as it was too tight to fit — the spindle on my subplatter is every so slightly large — records generally don't have a problem though

I bought one of these as I wanted a way to adjust VTA more precisely.

So I did something silly today, two "upgrades" came in the post and I fitted both at the same time.

Fitted and aligned the new cartridge today — really need to get the VTA sorted as the arm is a little bit too laid back.

Set it to 2.0g

So I went to my closest friendly dealer and had a chat.

He had the Dynavector 10X5 and we discussed that — and then we got on to the kind of music I listened to.

So I went down to Harrow Audio (which was a harrowing experience as the Met line was closed on Saturday) and picked up one of the B-Grade RP6s.

Does anyone have any experience of controlling Spotify on the various Marantz and Denon amps that support Spotify?

So I made this— well, not really made, it involved sourcing some bits and drilling three holes— but you get the idea.