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Anybody compared the PMC fact 12 to the twenty.26?  I ultimately want to go to the fact 12 but if the twenty.26 will give me 97% of the sound I'd love to save all that money. 

Loving them!

Anyone interested in seeing my setup (and hearing it) search for jaxwired on you tube.  I've posed a couple vids of the sigs in action. 

Fellow music lovers, my advice is don't walk, run to buy this amazing little DAC.  Yes, it looks cheap. Yes, it feels cheap. But the sound!  Man it's superb.  And not just superb "for the money".

Headless Windows 8 music server, Micromega MyDAC, Wyred4Sound STI-1000 integrated amp, PMC IB2s speakers, Chord Cables

I recently purchase a Wyred4Sound STi-1000 integrated amplifier.  Thought I'd share my thoughts on this piece of kit (as somebody requested).  The previous amplifier in my system was a NAD M2.  The

Just snagged a barely used pair from someone that preferred the R300s. Less than 1 month old and 33% off retail, sweet! I've got a soft spot for KEF. I've owned several over the years.

This is just since 2008. Wish I'd had a digital camera back in 1990 when I first started buying hifi...


Anybody get a chance to compare these. I'd love to hear thoughts on that comparison. Thanks.

on CD?

not MP3!