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Having recently sold my Beyerdynamic T70p I am looking for advice and suggestions for a new headphone for use at home in my office.

Not sure if anyone is aware of this, but it looks like there is a Head-Fi get together on the 19th  October 2013 in London

Yep that's right I said new Schiit....literally  ROFL This is my new Schiit Modi DAC and S

This one is probably directed toward you Quadpatch as I know you have tried both of these amps  :grin:

Anybody own or demoed these headphones at all?

At last...after a 3 week wait I finally took delivery of my new Heir Audio A.4i universal IEM's this morning  :bounce:

Ok I'm having this problem and I have exhausted all my avenues of knowing what to do.

Wasnt sure where to post this......


Right guys more suggestions required.

I have just sold my Grado SR80i with the Bocote cups and I have some spare cash burning a hole in my pocket :grin: