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Anyone else doing the stoptober thing ?

Now , I like you know my system is perfect , or near as damn it as far as money can buy , but would you invite other forum members to listen to it , and would they like it ?

I am peferctly happy with my HiFi and my TV system , but i heard some KEF R500's a year ago too much boomy bass I blamed the tiny amp ( nad 3020d ) and tiny room , everything else was good vocals w

Saxon are doing a 35 year tour this year highlighting "Wheels of Steel , Strong Arm, and Denim and Leather " lp's , you know it makes sense.

Ebay has started sending me links , don't know why , but who wouldn't want this :

Hi ,

I have an oldSony CRT TV which works fine , but I want to replace it with the newer "smaller" screen , anything is smaller now than that <S>

I have a mac pro airplaying to a aex , optical out to my NAD amp  it good but the usb connection is better when I connect the mac , more emontinal if you know what I mean , so I went looking at str

Hoping some one can help me , over the last few days my MacBook has been crashing while ripping cd's , Disk utility recovered errors on the HDD but it's still showing up Red and warning the disk is