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I'm wondering are these easy to damage.
I replaced mine with the one that came with the project debut 3 as it had , had a bit of hammer one drunken night with a few mates.

Just bought the Alien Anthology blu ray and it refuses to play, downloaded the update from the panasonic website and need to open it and burn to disc , but i'm not sure which programme/application

I,ve just gone to Virgin Medias basic digital tv box.

Its connected to the tv by scart and to a yamaha processor by scart with a 6 phono lead into this.

I stil own and use the DSP 800 dolby digital processor and have wondered why Yamaha have never gone for introducing an Hd version?

Just out of curiosity i was wondering how this matches up to amps today being that it is about 12 years old now.

Posted this yesterday on another forum

I've had this amp for approx 16 months and its been ok until yesterday.
I recently bought a Panasonic DMREZ27 DVD recorder and set it up yesterday as i'd bought a Panasonic TX32LMD70.

I'm after an LCD , ny first probably next week and have narrowed it down to these three which are in my price range and are availablle at richer sounds.

I'm just wondering if i've set up this correctly , especialy the arm part of the process , the counter weight is set back on the arm and the downforce adjuster is set to 17 as suggested by the manu