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Hi forum members

I've just uninstalled Itunes after an infurating incident involving the loss (not deletion) of almost every track in my library.

Prompted by another thread on which songs to use for hi fi demos and a book I'm reading at the moment, I thought people might be interested to read about the mere-exposure effect.

Thought I'd share this.  Picked up my second system from Richers yesterday: Denon DM39 and Q Acoustic 2020i.  Set it up for a first listen this afternoon.

I am using a USB only DAC, which takes its power supply through the USB lead.

Trusted forumites.  I have a budget of £1k.  I would like to get floorstanders.  Small room, 4 x 4 meters.  Carpeted, with suspended floor boards underneath.

I've been considering sub £1k floorstanders.

I don't think my upgrade path is going to involve a CD player.

Just ordered this for £40 from John Lewis.  It's half the price stated in the WHF review and far cheaper than on other sites.

A bit of a variation on the "What are you listening to?" theme, I enjoy the whole process of buying music (old or new) and giving it those first few critical listens.  I'd be interested to hear wha