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Does anyone have an idea when a replacement for the B&W 600 s4 will happen? Series 4 has been in since 2007. Was thinking the series 5 should be coming soon.

Just had my third pair of Sennheisers give up on me in the space of two years. Seems to always start with a bit of distortion and vibration in one bud before stop working all together.

Been listening to PJ Harveys new album "Let England Shake" today. Its one of the most interesting albums Ive listened to in a long time.

Dear All

Had my Sony for a year or so and finally getting a Freesat connection fitted next week. What experiances have people had running Freesat HD through thier TV?


Never been into auction sites but a couple of weeks ago was having a look around and bought an Arcam DV79 and an Arcam A65+ both for £200.

Dear All

Please can I have some of your advice over the following matter.