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1.. Why the user products reviews were delete ?

2. Why review by brand serach option was delete ?

3. Why products full  specification are blank ?

I can't find any advantage on WHF website :

1. My personal signature was delete and once I wanted to make a new one it's limited to a short one only .


It was not a love at first sight. First I heard the 140 MK2  it sound to me dull and dry, but after a long term listening I learnt to appreciate how great this speakers are :


I read your comments and found them vey useful , Hope you can reply to me for my question .




My Proac 140 MK2 impedance is nominal 4 Ohm minimum 3.2 Ohm , I want to match a power amp Rotel RB 1582 that specified as min. 4 Ohm .



Just recently the Cayin's products are beeing imprt to my country . I thinking to upgrade my amp and one of the options is the integrated amp