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Mrs Loop, without realising it and certainly without intention, (alas, she totally doesn't 'get' my obsession) has massively upgraded how my system sounds.


I have a Mac Mini with an almost full Hard Drive. Can I use an external drive to add more storage and how do I get this to work with iTunes?


I appreciate this is a potentially dangerous area, but I need some guidance..... :help:


Calling all Audirvana users.

Have any of you fiddled around with any of the filters and settings in Audirvana?

If so, what sounds best?

I know this is going to possibly start a new cable war, but here goes anyway:

I'm going to be setting up a Mac Mini over Christmas and was wondering what people out there thought of the various players for OSX.

My system got a good hammering last night at a party at my house. Dance 4

Has anyone sat down and listened to these together for comparison?

Just wondering if the difference in price is justifiable?