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I saw these on TV last night and didn't recognise them. They looked nice. Any ideas?


I've been reading about streaming and the different file formats recently.


I keep reading that CDs are lossless.


Unfortunately one of my surround speakers is damaged. I have just finished boxing it up to go to B&W for repair.


KEF R500s being driven by a pair of Cyrus X200 monoblocks?


I have recently become the proud owner of an Anthem MRX300. I thought I had set it up perfectly until I played Life of Pi last night.


A few posters on this forum speak very highly of Leema's Pulse amplifier. It also seems to appear in quite a few signatures too!



Has anyone compared both Cyrus & Leema amps with KEF R-Series speakers?



Does anyone have any experiences of different USB cables they could share?