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After complaining for more than a year our Dutch cable operator (Ziggo) finally has made it possible to get BBC One and Two in HD. Over 3 million subscribers can now view BBC One and Two in HD.

I have been using an iPod Nano 7th generation for a couple of months now. I got it to replace a Nano 4th generation which has a problem with the clickwheel. 

After owning a new Yamaha RS-500 stereo receiver for a couple of weeks now, I think it's time for a little review.

I regularly transfer files from my Mac to a USB stick (formatted in FAT 32) and play them via the Sony BDP-590.

After a power cut earlier in the week our Denon DRA-1000 receiver is suffering from occasional loss of sound output.

Could this be the one box solution for a modern stereo setup?

The other day we picked up a Sony CMUBR100 to use ase a Skype camera with our Sony KDL-40HX750 (which I think is the 753 in the UK).

When we were in England a couple of weeks ago we were in John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol. I found a Logitech Harmony Touch there for GBP 104.