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Anthemic post rock by Pelican  

Just spent £60 on a ticket to see King Crimson in Edinburgh. The last time they played in Scotland was 42 years ago.

My new favourite band, modern prog rock so if you like the Pineapple Thief, Beck, The Beta Band or Flaming Lips, try this lot out..  

Went to see Wreck it Ralph, which was excellent with a very good story and plot twist to it.     Before it was a short called Paperman, the sound track for which is wonderful          

Excellent, imaginative indie rock by Death Cab For Cutie.        

I was just listening to some Deep Purple and Flight of the Rat. Ian Paice's drumming on that is astounding.

Described as classical poistambient noctural atmospheric neo-progressive folk world rock. I say if you like The Pineapple Thief, Porcupine Tree try this Norwegian band (lyrics in English)        

Decent processing power and a good sized memory is what you need. The best sound quality comes with having your DAC and other parts separate from the laptop IMO....

I would like to eat horse. My wife and I have a voucher for a Mongolian restaurant where we will be able to eat various exotic animals.