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Office System

Source:Mac Mini

Pre-amp/headphone amp: NuForce Icon HDP,

I've decided that maybe I want in my collection a headphone some thumping, rumbling, visceral bass for the basshead in me.

I bought a pair of ATH-A900x (closed back) a while back and I'm absolutely loving them. I no longer have any interest in listening to my Grado SR80i and Sennheiser HD595. I hate my Grados.

I was passing through Akihabara today so I decided to check out some headphones I'm kind of interested in.

I realized that my living room, where I had my stereo set up, had far from ideal acoustics.

Recently I7ve been killing some time listening to demonstrations people have put up of their systems on YouTube. It has been interesting.

The wife and kid are away for 5 days, so it was clearly time to pull the sub out of the cupboard  :cheers:

I'm looking for some closed back headphones that provide some isolation/don't leak much sound. I thought I was set to buy the M50s but I can get the A900X for about 20 pounds more.