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Has any one with tv and a projector compare the picture quality of both and which one gives better picture quality.This question is more to those that have both a tv and projector as I cant decide

Compare to few years ago TV now aday are less chunky and have thin bezel but not much has changed in the projector screen world.

For  a screen of  75 inches digonal, is it worth going the 3d projector route or would a 55 inches 3d tv do just fine. 


Woud a 720p projector that has  (2500 lumens and 13,000 contrast) gives better picture than a 1080p projector that has ( 10,000 contrast and 200 lumens)

I don't want to rush on deciding what new av receiver to get but I have a birthday house party  next week and need something to power my floor standing speaker for music for the party.

I have two projectors in mind with two different spec:

Projector 1) 720p, 2500 brightness, 13,000 contrast.

Projector 2) 1080p, 2000 brightness, 10,000 contrast.


Looking for a projector or tv for my bedroom (current using a 22 inches in the bedroom) but can't decide which has advantage over the over in terms of picture quality.