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I Have a Windows laptop running Win 7, I have a couple of external harddrives that I connect to my laptop via USB, the a USB Dac coming from laptop in my my amplifier.

Is the V series the same but an older model of the 700 series? Can't really find the real answer if anyone knows.

Just got myself one of these amps and I am looking for a good speaker combination to work with this amp. I am living in a one bedroom flat in London so looking for some stand mounts really.

I heard the A5 and the A7 in John Lewis and I must admit I was quite impressed. I was looking to hear about over peoples experiences/owners, the good the bad etc as they are quite expensive.

I have a pair of Mission 753 speaker and was considering get some bookshelf speakers, my budget would be around £350. I listen to Soul, dance and rock, on vinyl and iTunes/some hi res files.