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Well, I have been away for some months now, without logging in and expected changes. When I say changes, I meant fresh forum topics, less samey arguments etc etc.

I am not going to start cooing over how sad or how great as is normally the case here, but he definately shaped British politics and challenged the mainstream, however misguided he may have been.

Placed order for next day delivery with superfi for Musical Fidelity M1HPAP & AKG 551's, they failed to arrive, no email to say why. I duly cotacted Superfif, to be sent a wait email.

I would like to replace my amplifier and I guess I am looking for something epic.

Im not asking much here, I simply want to be blown away.


Looking for something around 32" for my study to game on with ps3, possibly watch a few Blurays etc. Hoping to spend less than £400, any suggestions?

Hi fellas,

Has anyone had experience of buying from these people as this package looks to good to be true......