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How do i get rid of those annoying cinema lines without sacrificing picture quality. ive paid for a 32 inch tv, now i need to utilise all those 32 inches which iv paid for. 

Hi. i just need to know the technology broadcaster companies use and the method of the use of such technology when airing live broadcast.

I am upgrading my HDMI cables with not a lot of money to spend.

Any THX guys out here?

I somehow feel that bare-wire sealed with insulation tape at binding posts transfers the most current to and from the amplifier to speakers.

I have a philips Home theatre system(HTS5550) that i used as a 2.1 Hifi in my bedroom.

:rockout: Hi guys! I need some info regarding bi-wiring. i need to know if i bi-wiring my front speakers will add more output power to the speaker.