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dark / warm / thunder and lightning - kef r series are very good speakers.

I don't get all this talk about the kef r500 beind dark, they sparkle with life and enegy. they are very musical and hugely pleaseing to own.

i can't really answer that. You would have to try them in your own home

3 x 5 metre room

denon 2310avr and 2012ud bluray/cd player, and the sound is jawdropping.

i'm using a denon 2310 av amp and the denon 2012 bluray/cd player, and the results are a jawdropping sound

If you have'nt heard or do'nt own a pair of kef r500 speakers, go and have a listen, there amazing and worth every penny. I've started buying new cd's again and enjoying every glorious musical moment

I have the kef r500, i have'nt tryed the amp in question to power them though, i use a denon av amp and the denon 2012ud as a cd player. I used to have the b&w cm5 speakers before i bought the...

if thats the only two options in the colour space you have 'auto ' is the best. i would'nt mess about to much with the r-gain and g-gain or white balance you can make the picture worse sometimes.I...