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Which one is better if I pair it with MA RX 6 (and  - for now- Marantz CD 6003)??

Thanks guys!


My setup are NAD C355 bee+Marantz CD6003+MA Bronze BR2...I like the sound...

both speakers have the same price...

Which speaker would be best pair for my NAD C355Bee+Marantz C6003 combo?

Thanks in advance!

I have a NAD C355 amply and MA BR2....but the volume button couldn't even reach at 9 0'clock...it's already very LOUD!! Should I change BR2..with Mission MX5 or MA BX5?

MA BX 5 and RX 2 are  in the same price here.....

Which one would be  a good upgrade from BR2?

(Amp: Nad c355, Cd player: Marantz C6003)

Just heard CA Azur 650 combo + Whaferdale Diamond 10.1...wowww...what a soundstage!!!

I don't understand why people keep labeling them "clinical"??? they're simply amazing...!!!

My local dealers told me that: british (european)-speakers tend toward stereo-music,  american (and canadian) speakers more for HT....is it a myth or fact??

I have a NAD C 355bee+Marantz c6003+MA Bronze BR 2 combo.....clear vocal, very good in mid-low and have a punchy and powerfull bass...BUT I still need a more detail and airy midhigh and treble...(P

After one month, since its launching, has anyone demoed the new CA Azur 651A?

I hope WHF will test it soon....

Anyone have demoed Marantz UD 5005?

Does it would have BIG differences in SQ comparing to a budget CD player, such as Marantz C6003?