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I am on the look out for a Bryston B60R to go with my SCM10s but they dont come up often S/H.

I have been playing around with stuff recently, and moved back to a more simple system.

In rough order: :O

Technics SCHD-70 Mini Seperates

NAD L73 (All-In-One)

Cambridge Audio 540R

Primare A20

Teac A-BX7R

Consonance Cyber 10SE (KT88 SET)

After a year without a turntable, we are spinning the black stuff once more!

Picked up my Gyrodec SE from Michell yesterday, great to see how they are made :grin:

Some lovely little Eclipse TD-508s Smile

Its that time of year again, should be another cracking event!




Just picked this amp up, a hefty beast. Ooodles of power! Plenty for the MMG's.

Can I just say, I am a convert!


I have heard Quad ESL's, Apogee and other Panel speakers but these MMG's really work in real world rooms without esoteric ampflication.

I have exhibited a few times before, and again this year-




My current system-


Philips CD850

TA2020 based T-Amp / Bantam Gold (both on loan)

Keesonic Kolt / Target R1 Stands (and Atacama SE24's)