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gel wrote: ...

just switched it on,brilliant.

nice,love the slimmer chassis,im sure it will sound awsome 

so watched tfa for the second time last night,bought from amazon.ca,the picture is stunning,lovely colours,detail,deep blacks,just a couple of images that look slightly soft but over all ref,the...

tonights viewing,hope the picture and audio top notch.*biggrin*

4k uhd blue ray up for pre order on zavvi,http://www.zavvi.com/elysium.search?autocomplete=searchsuggestion&search=4k%20ultra%20hd

+1 the marantz has spotify built in.

im pretty sure rs do both ranges.

agree with bb you have a very good 5.1 system,if changing anything i would consider a better amp,and or maybe a sub upgrade.

pushin on-quantic soul orchestra kings of funk-keb darge high havoc-corduroy whole lotta live-jtq sly and the family stone-collection