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hi ive just brought a new house and the living room is small i was thinking of putting the amp and blu-ray player in a other room and wiring the tv in the living room to make space but ineed to con

My friend looking for a new amp is looking at arcam avr400 or onkyo 818 he likes more movies then music I own a 818 which I like but never listen to arcam does anybody own one on here

I've just got a onkyo 818 is this to much for the kef t105 as the speakers are more money then the amp thanks 

For 5.1 set up does the rear speakers go on a 7.1 amp set up rear Surround back or left back same for the rear iam only using a 5.1 set up thanks 

Well just upgraded my onkyo 616 to the 818 what a differace its a right beast really brought the kef out now 

Well had had band of brothers on DVD for sometime great until I brought it on blu-ray the picture and the dts soundtrack blows me away really brought my system to life explosives everywhere love it

What speaker cable the best for midrange iam using onkyo 616 amp and kef t105 cheers  Wink

Iam looking to upgrade my speaker package from the tannoy sfx 5.1 I was looking at the kef t105 or monitor audio mass both which get good reviews any of you forum members have these speakers and wo

Just got the samsung es8000 tv what hdmi lead would be best to use I was looking at audioquest peal