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The new Cambridge dac may be 80 Euros less than the HRT Microstreamer in the UK, but in the U.S. they are selling for the same price retail, $189.99.

Surprising that your July Dac review didn't include two well-regarded UK models, the Beresford Bushmaster TC-7530DC and John Kenny's new Ciunas.

I'm puzzled by What Hi-Fi's website and magazine reviews of these three DACs, having in recent weeks burned in and done extensive listening with all three via my desktop computer (associated eqpt:

With the workstation (desktop) speakers review in the May issue, here are two other top notch speakers that would be worthwhile to review (I've auditioned and would recommend both, depending on siz

The Supra USB review states the following:  "The sound isn’t quite as clean as some of the more expensive products, but that’s just nitpicking."  As far as I can see from the Reviews link and the m