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I notice the new Pioneer AV receivers have HDMI pass through (when in standby mode) . Do many others now have this facility?

Here's an idea for a What Hifi supertest of musically optimised Bluray machines:-


Arcam BDP 100

Cambridge Audio 751

Oppo 95


G'day All


I am new to the HD audio formats and have a Yamaha RX V 1800 AV receiver.

Hi All,

Anyone out there had experience of hearing the SC LX 73 vs the SC LX 83.

A price difference of £500 initially, now about £400 based on current prices.

Hi All

I have decided to finally move into the 21st century by purchasing a LED TV, after years of excellent service from my CRT.

Hey what happened to the review of the Philips PFL 9705 TV as promised in last month's issue? Anyone aware of any release dates for the TV?


 Does anyone out there own one of the LG LE 8900 series?


 There are some really good prices on the outgoing Yamaha RXV 1800 at the moment and I was wondering if sound wise the 1900 is a significant step up .