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Don't know what to say of it yet.... In my book is sad, sad news...!

Exactly 32 years ago today in 1982, Dire Straits achieved their first British No. 1 album with ‘Love Over Gold.’

Hi all,

I think this is a underrated "product" in this Forum, I came to this conclusion just now in another thread to help another forum member. 

Hi all, will need some light in the subject as hardwear is not my strong and nowadays every bit of PC kit will be outdated in 6 months time...

Hello all forum members, here i'm in my dream trip with the wife on our "honeymoon".

Here are some nice pics from Railay Beach where we are staying at the moment...

Pink floyd are about to release a new albutm, "The Endless River"


I love Avatar, have seen it 20/30 times now, and every time I want to see a display of good imaging and sound the Avatar disc goes into the bluray.

This is the "Why" thread!

listing "See All latest post" there are at least 5 thread starting as "Why"!!! :wall:



Does any one with a Rega TT use a Clamp? 

Did you hear a difference before and after? 

Is it worth spending £40 some thing on one like this?