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That's a great idea, thank you so much!

The big questions is, will it be 16 or 18?

Ooh, that sounds interesting, especialy if you can glide around town in silence with a hybrid. Covenanter wrote: ...

When it comes to hifi and cars, the obvious answer is a 911 with Burmester. 

Gryphon, Vitus, or Pass Labs. Everything else is more or less rubbish. 

That's great to hear. Did you buy any chance compare the PM1 to the PM2 before your purchase?

Gazzip wrote: ...

wilro15 wrote: I wonder whats in the goody bag? Some BB5s and a pair of Bryston 28 BSST2s?

Ah fantastic, thanks for the update. Can you say a bit more why you picked the Oppo over the Fostex?

steve_1979 wrote: Why is this starting to remind me of a cable thread? Makes me wish I was reading a cable thread instead.