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I am moving house and the new one already has a Sky dish installed. It looks like it's been there a while as it is fairly rusted.

I need to sort out external storage. The 2nd hard drive on my PC is almost full. I was going to take this drive and buy another and put them both into this:

Has anyone had any hands on experience of this tablet yet? Reviews seem very positive.

Is it possible to attach a portable hard drive to an Android phone via the USB port?

I've an HTC One and could I attach something like this:

My Sky HD box is a bit glitchy at the min, I've had it for a few years. I have Sky multi-room as well with a 8 year old basic Sky box in the bedroom.

I'm looking at getting a tablet for watching internet and videos about the house. It'll be some ripped DVDs, YouTube, iPlayer and Sky Go.  A lot of them seem to be 4:3 based.

Has anyone any experience with these tablets?  I've been hmming and haing over a new phone or whether I should get a tablet and cheap phone.

Has anyone used either of these companies for their mobile phones?  Haven't decided yet between the S4 and HTC One.  These companies do both with good deals.

I had several emails sent from my Yahoo account yesterday. It was just links to sites that must phish for info.

I've been dithering over getting a new phone for ages.  Had decided on a HTC One X a while back and phoned Orange retentions but they offered me a worse deal than I could have gotten just by walkin