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Has anyone listened to these or have compared the two?

They are both have very similar specifications, but which one sounds better? 

Dynaudio Focus 160 / Dali Rubicon 2

Now that I have bought a Rega Elex-R integrated amp I am looking to buy a new CD player.

Does anyone know of any modern day integrated amps that have a Mono switch?

Hi everyone,

Well, I finally heard the Elex-R today. Very nice! Associated equipment was a Rega Apollo-R hooked up to the Rega DAC, speakers were Vansderteen 2CE Signatures. 

Link: http://audiofi.net/2014/09/rega-elex-r-the-hidden-gem/

Has anyone seen or heard one yet? What do you think?

Anyone own one or have listened to one? What do you think? Better than a Rega Brio R?


I am using an older Creek 4330 with its phono card and a Rega RP40 with a Elys-40 MM cartridge. Any suggestions on a good stand alone phono preamp that would be a good upgrade? 

 Hi What Hi-Fi community,