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I am very happy wirh rx8's,they sound amazing just don't think the onkyo partners well with them.

Thanks ripz,are u using the sr 7005 with the ma rx 8? If so what's itr sounnd like with music?

thanks a lot,was thinking of getting the roksan kandy,wonder if that has unity gain,will have to find out.

thanks,sounds simple enough,will definately be looking to go down that roud,thanks once again for all the input and informative info

sounds like a good solution,is it difficult to set it up with the pre outs,how would it work?

thanks for the reply,do you have the 2 sstems seperate or do you have the integrated amp as a power amp through te pre ouuts of the yamaha?

thanks big boss,was leaning towards the yamaha,i assume it will be able to handle the 4 ohm load,i like to crank it uo at times

hi,i desperately need advice from others out there that have a similar or same set up,i cant demo where i stay so i have to buy on the reviews and advice of other forum members. i have the onkyo...

thanx for the feedback guys,unfortunately i cant audition any of these where i sta so i have to make a choice and go for it,maybe the roksan kandy as i did here this is a good match.

hi,id like some advice on cambridge audio 851 a & 851  c combined with my monitor aido rx8,would these form a good combo or what else could,and ideas would be appreciated.