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Have any Gyrodec owners upgraded to the Orbe Clamp?

If so can you tell me whether the knurled nut is supposed to sit proud of the platter by approx 4-5mm?

I seem to be having some Turntable woes and I am not sure what my next step is so hope somebody can help.

I have a Michell GyroDec with a RB303/1012 Arm/Cartridge combo.

I run a Sonos ZP90 and CD6003 connected to my Roksan K2 integrated and power.

I was considering upgrading my CD player to a SA KI and using the inbuilt DAC for the ZP90?

Hi everybody.

I am almost at the point of finalising my Michell Gyro SE purchase but have had an urge to consider the Clear Audio Emotion SE after reading some very positive reviews.

Hi all.


Some qusetions.

I rip in lossless to use on my Sonos through a Pioneer VSX 921 and Q Acoustics 2010i.

As the title suggests I have some M1's soon to be connected to a VSX 921K AV amp.

I want a better HiFi experience alongside my home cinema.

I currently have a 3.1 setup with 3 B&W M1's at the front and a PV1 sub.

I did have a 5.1 setup with more M1's but stupidly sold them thinking I would be happy with 3.1, I'm not!

It would be interesting to hear anybodys opinion seeing as the '2200 is approx £400 cheaper but has a similar spec.



I am considering buying a Yamaha YSP-5100 but noticed they are reduced to about £1049.