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Hello resident experts, looking for some help with a problem on my Arcam CD192. It has had the laser replaced twice in recent years by Arcam due to skipping and disc read problems.

Another classy songwriter passes away, sad news

I've used the above for a few years and have noticed that there is always a residue left on vinyl.

I recently managed to fry a voice coil on one of my speakers bass units. It was preceded by a loud humming noise, which I'm trying to identify the cause of.

I'm considering upgrading my speaker stands from Atacama Nexus 6 to Partington Super Dreadnoughts.

Hello everyone, I have just tried to use my trusty Technics TR373 cassette deck for the first time in ages. The plan was to record a late programme off Radio 2 last night and listen back.

My phono stage which until tonight has been fine, has suddenly started hissing loudly in a white noise sort of way. This is on the MM setting, if switched to MC it's hissing, but more bassy.

Looking for some help, my dvd-rw drive is not reading discs of any type.

 I've recently upgraded my cd player from arcam alpha 7se to cd192 and was considering a pre amp upgrade from rotel's rc971 to the rotel rc06.

 Just bagged a brand new CD192 for £499 with warranty. To quote Alan Partridge "Back of the net!".