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Is 320kbs good anough to replace listening to flac?

I'm toying with getting spotify premium,but if it's not as good as flac i won't bother.


Has anyone used/seen one of these?

I'm interested in playing about with spotify.

I can't see how i can get it to play via my speakers tho.

If you havn't seen the voice(bbc1)there is this young lass from Belfast called Leah,she is rather good and worth a listen,i believe there is stuff on youtube/bbc website.

How important is the quality of the suround speakers in a 5.1 far would i need to go till no tangible benefit of upgrading is achieved?


Tried searching forums but couldn't find the answer(sure i read it before :roll: )

Anyways could you tell me what speaker cable you used when reviewing the Kef R100's?

Bid on some atlas hyper 3.0 on flea-bay,lost out in the last 2secs :O

Read this morning that the beta fw version is soon to be released as an oficial FW very soon...starting in the US,so should be with us shortly:)


Just recieved this email,maybe of interested to you vinyl collectors:)