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Spendor A9s. wow.  to me the spendor speakers at my first whathifi-vision show @manchester 2010 were my best demo room. And they still remain my best  speakers for me.

I have bought a 1Meter QED performance hdmi v1.3 cable for £3.55 from my local tesco-BAGULEY . They are the wrong plastic cases. They have been put into a QED classic hdmi-p plastic cases.

It seems NTFS Hard drives can only be read on pc/mac.   as the majority of tv/video manufactures are sticking with FAT32.

Anyone giving it a blast tonight through there AV.

I dont know if i am allowed?

Comet and tesco have this so called tv deal but why would Samsung bring such a product

Just bought the predator boxset 23.99 . The original Predator blu-ray a was terrible conversion, however the boxset includes a remastered version of the original .