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Has anyone heard or even bought one of the new Anthem integrated AVR's yet?

So I have a new/open box pair of Kef LS50's arriving on Monday. Got a good discount on the new price, so pretty happy.

Dunno if anyone else is into Autechre, but they streamed a live 9 hour mix via Mixlr last night, and there is another one due at 8pm tonight.


So I offered to help my brother in law choose equipment for a new music/movie system in their house. Seemed like a good idea at the time!

Has anyone seen or heard the new Dali Epicon 2 speakers? If you have, what did you think?

As per title, anyone heard the Heed Enigma speakers?

Interested to demo some different speakers with my cyrus gear. While I love my current speakers (Spendor SA1's) they will be too small for the room when we move shortly.

Apologies if this is common knowledge, but I just found this list which shows ex demo and sale equipment from loads of different

My trusty old Pioneer 51FD seems to be finally giving up the ghost. My OH will allow a new one to be purchased only if it is significantly faster to boot up and load discs that the current one.

Has anyone compared the Cyrus Dac XP+ directly to the Leema elements Dac? Preferably with cyrus power amplification.