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Hello, can someone please help me find a blu ray player with rca outputs, i only want it to plug into my amp to play cd's and obviously blu rays and exsisting dvd's, the cheaper the better up to £1

Hi, i have a rega rp3 hooked up to a marantz pm 5004 with dali zensor 1 speakers, it's ok but i feel the amp is a bit lacklustre, i want something with a bit more punch and grip, sometimes the mara

Hello, i have a Rega RP3 with Elys 2 and a pair of Tannoy Mercury V1's, i need a new amp as my old Sony is now dead, have been thinking of Denon 520 EA or Marantz pm 5004

Hello all, i am not a great digital fan but my job needs music on the go so i got myself an ipod shuffle, i like it but the supplied earphones keep falling out, although pretty good sound quality i

Hello all, i have loads of music on my pc i need to transfer to hard drive as i will be getting a new laptop soon, my pc is on it's last legs but how the hell do you do it and will i be able to pla

can someone please help me with this, i wish to transfer my vinyl onto my pc.

After months of inactivity i decided to get the guitar out today, i have to admit i'm not very good but i try.

Hello all, has anyone heard these speakers, what are their merits, they have a good write up here on WHFI but i'd like to here others views.

hi fi is great no matter what we listen to, when i was a kid i used to listen to my aunts stereogram, what a lovely tone they would say.