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Hi - Sorry a basic question.

A chap at work has asked me if I’m interested in a Quad 405 that was his late fathers.

I have a Knosti to clean my records…


I have a Marantz CD6003 - would I get an improved sound if I disabled the internal dac and used a musical fidelity v-dac mkii?

Thanks in advance

Hi - I'm about to invest in a dac - thinking of either the musical fidelity v-dac mkii or hrt music streamer ii.

Time for a new Freeview PVR?



When I play 180g pressing on my Debut 3 the felt mat sticks to the underside of the disk as I remove it from the platter.

What do you keep coming back to?

One for me is - Eric Clapton's - Rainbow Concert. got it second hand  from Virgin in the '70s

I have noticed that poly lined inner sleeves can come at all sorts of prices – on e-bay they seem to be about 22p each when bought in bulk.