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So I've been with Sky for around 10 years and have virually every option including Fibre BB, multiroom, Sports, Movies etc at a cost of £110 a month.

Seems like a deal with free postage..

I need about 10 metres or so speaker cable for my rear speakers - would this be a good choice?

I have a Panasonic Blu Ray with twin HDMI as my Pioneer receiver doesn't do ARC etc...having just wall mounted my tv I'm wondering if I connect my Blu Ray with just a single HDMI through the Pionee

Please sort it??

NOTE from MODS - Should be okay for you now - apologies for the inconvenience


Just something I came across when digging in to a box in the attic - a mains plug for an old cd player on to  which I'd stuck 2 very small black triangular  'things' .

We've had HD broadcasting for about 6 years now - at what point will we have 1080P and beyond pictures with Dolby TruHD sound or similar from Sky or VM??

Enter code 'ELEVENAUDIO' (certain exceptions apply as usual).

Between us (wife and 3 kids) we have an iPad3, LG G2, 2 x Samsung Galaxy 3s, 3 x Samsung tablets etc....Ihave a reasonable home cinema set up but now we really want to stream music through it from

Just ordered a pair of the above from Hughes Direct - normally £700 - on sale for £289  with a further 3% off at checkout with voucher code 'Hughesoffer3'.