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My GF refers to my speakers as "noisy  tables" and takes great delight placing drinks on them!   it’s a good job she has looks!    

Thanks for the advice! I think the AKG K702s are probably out as they are open back so ill probably try out the K551s instead and see how they compare to the Shures.  

Hi, I’m looking to get some proper headphones after many years using cheap poorly made ones....

First car - Ford Fiesta...

Andy Clough wrote: Current car: Lexus IS250 (no Alan Partridge jokes please )   Think your safe now he's moved onto a kia! Jurassic park!

danny86 wrote: AVI ADM 9.1T speakers - 5 stars from Whathifi. Lack of bass response + drivers on slave blew up after a year, for asking price 1000 quid.    Oh no   This thread is about to go wrong

Probably around 1k which would include speakers, amp and source, that should get you a nice entry level system that sounds really good. For another jump in quality after that you would probably...